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Deaf Ministry

The Catholic Deaf community has called St. Augustine home since 1964.

Our goal is to provide all deaf and hard of hearing persons and their family members accessibility to the Catholic Church in order that they may worship, receive religious education, minister to others and participate in all aspects of parish life.

Deaf Community Mass

The Catholic Deaf Community gathers with our hearing community for a fully signed Mass at the 11 AM Sunday Mass each weekend. A fully signed Mass entails the celebrant signing, deaf lectors, deaf responders, deaf extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and the St. Augustine Signing Choir.

A sign language interpreter provides interpretative services at our Saturday 4:15 PM Mass and Sunday at 8:30 AM.

For more information please email Deaf Ministry

Deaf Community Groups and Socials

The Deaf Community gathers weekly after Mass for fellowship in the Cleveland Catholic Deaf Center and several times throughout the year for retreats and spiritual growth.  The Buckeye Deaf Seniors meets twice a month, and Mary's Rosary Guild for the Deaf meets monthly. 

For More information please email Deaf  Ministry.


Deaf Access Program (DAP)

The Deaf Access Program was created in 2010 with the purpose of improving access to healthcare for Cleveland's Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. This program provides interpretive services to all scheduled medical appointments, walk-ins, and ER visits at St. Vincent Charity Hospital. In addition to providing interpretive services, the DAP hosts community health fairs and provides in-service opportunities for all hospital staff. 

In 2023 St. Vincent Charity restructured their ministry and closed their in-patient hospital services. Our Deaf Access Program was restructured to encompass all our interpretive services throughout the greater Cleveland area. We continue to provide interpretive services for medical appointments, religious services, and community events. 


For more information on the DAP please contact Robin McMarlin at (216) 781-5530, or on VP at    (216) 370-7318 or email at or

Signing Choir

The St. Augustine Signing Choir is comprised of deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing individuals who want to share God's gift a music through sign language. Member's do not need to know sign language prior to joining.

The Choir brings the beauty of sign language to our Sunday 11 AM Mass and at various performances throughout the greater Cleveland area.


For more information on joining the Signing Choir or having them perform for you, 

please contact them by email St. Augustine Signing Choir.

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