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Ministry to the Poor

The Community Cupboard & Closet

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St. Augustine Ministry to the Poor is an outgrowth of the ministry and service of St. Augustine Church. This parish has a long history of service from its beginning in 1860 when it welcomed an impoverished immigrant community. It provided food for the poor during the depression and hard economic times.


Over 50 years ago, the Parish founded a Hunger Center. A Center that addresses the needs of the poor and the homeless such as, food, clothing, emergency funding for rent and utilities, furniture, appliances as well as advocation for those poor seeking medical help, benefits and housing. We realize that those on the margins are not just hungry for nutrition. They are thirsting for so much more, such as; community, spirituality, socialization, and acceptance. We are honored that we can provide a place where all who come to us find acceptance and the love of God and neighbor.


In response to the growing need of food and clothing assistance, St. Augustine established the Community Cupboard in the spring of 2022 and the Community Closet the fall of 2022.

We are open every Saturday from 11 AM until 3 PM.

In 2022, Catholic Charities began operating the hot meal portion of our ministry. Donations for the hot meal program should be made to Catholic Charities and sent directly to them. St. Augustine's continues our long history of re-evaluating and addressing the nutritional, social, and financial needs of those in our community with dignity and respect and relies solely on the generosity of others. 

Our ministry is a response to the human need. Our prayer is that with support and help of the larger community we will be able to serve needy people in accordance with our mission and as completely as possible.

For more information on our ministry or to volunteer please email Anthony at or by phone at (216) 781-5530.

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