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Children Praying

Protecting God's Children
For Parish Volunteers

The Diocese of Cleveland has revised the policies and standards so that we can protect God’s children in our Catholic parishes, schools, and other organizations.  All of the Diocese’s efforts and our own parish’s efforts work towards this very noble goal of providing a safe environment for young people to become disciples.

What is all this?

Is it for me?

If you are a parish volunteer or employee who will be around minors under age 18 either (1) more than once a month, or (2) more than 4 hours per month, then you need to complete the following steps beforehand.  

Steps to Complete

Step 1

Complete the Volunteer Registration Form and return it to the Ministry Leader or Parish Office

Step 2

Watch these three videos at your convenience. 

Step 3

Read the Revised Standards of Conduct for Ministry

Step 4

Print out, Fill out, Sign, and Turn in the Standards of Conduct Acknowledgement Form to the Parish Office

(on this form, write in the date you attended the parish training OR the date you watched the 3 videos above)

Step 5

Read the Revised Policy for the Safety of Children 

Step 6

Print out, Fill out, Sign, and Turn in the Policy  Acknowledgement Form to the Parish Office

(on this form, write in the date you attended the parish training OR the date you watched the 3 videos above)

Step 7

Be Fingerprinted 

A.  If you HAVE ALREADY been fingerprinted for involvement at St. Augustine AND the parish has those records, then you DO NOT need to be fingerprinted again.  This is true even if it has been many years since you were last fingerprinted.  If you are not sure if we have your records, please call the parish office at (216) 781-5530 to confirm. 


B.  If you HAVE ALREADY been fingerprinted, but for another company, organization, or reason, you must either obtain a copy of those records and give them to St. Augustine Church or just simply be fingerprinted again for the purposes of involvement at St. Augustine Church.  (See how-to below.)


C.  If you have NEVER been fingerprinted for involvement at St. Augustine Church, then you need to be fingerprinted immediately, and definitely before you are dealing with minors at the church.  You can locate an authorized fingerprinting agency by clicking here.  You will have to pay up front, but if bring your receipt to Church you will be reimbursed.

The fingerprint reason code is: 2156.86


Step 8

BE VIRTUS TRAINED     (if you have not been already)


Every person who works with young people must have gone through the one-time, free, approximately 3hr Virtus class and then registered online through 


A. If you HAVE ALREADY done this, even if it was years ago, AND the parish has your Certificate of Completion on file, then you DO NOT need to do it again.   If you are not sure if we have your Certificate, please call the parish office at (216) 781-5530  to confirm.  If we do not have it, but you did go through the training, then there is a way to verify your attendance there.  Call us.  


B.  If you have NEVER been Virtus trained, then you need to schedule a class to attend immediately, which can be done at and is free.  Click on “registration”.  Choose the diocese of Cleveland, OH and view the upcoming sessions.  Find a date, time, and location of a 3-hour training session that works for you.  Attend the training session and bring a COPY your Certificate of Completion to the St. Augustine Parish Office.  After the training, enroll to receive training bulletins via email from  

Step 9



There are several ways to get a “background check”.  One way is through fingerprinting.  Another way is by having an authorized company run your Social Security number through their databases on an on-going basis.  On-going background checks are the best way to continuously ensure that only responsible persons are serving our young people.  The Diocese of Cleveland is employing both of these methods (one-time fingerprinting and recurring Social Security number scans through criminal databases).  


What is the “on-going” background check?


The Diocese of Cleveland is joining over 40 other Catholic dioceses in the United States in employing the services of background check company is a safe and secure website that provides background check services to companies and non-profit organizations for their purposes of vetting potential hires and volunteers.  The system will automatically run a check using your SSN every 3 months.  If a new incident is flagged, will notify St. Augustine Church's contact person, and the appropriate steps will be taken to determine whether this person may continue in ministry with young people.  


Who is

  • A national Catholic faith-based background check company located in Cincinnati

  • Founded in 1991

  • One of the Nation’s leading providers of pre-employment background screening services.

  • Works with clients at the local, state, and federal level

  • Employers and Organizations are able to verify an applicant’s background check in an average turnaround time of 2 business days.

  • Thousands of employers nationwide rely on SELECTiON.COM’s services

  • Over 40 Catholic Dioceses use, including Los Angeles, Galveston-Houston, Omaha, Covington, Cincinnati

  • Checks performed digitally, then manually quality-controlled by humans

  • Comprehensive Destruction Policy regarding sensitive information

Once you have enrolled yourself into the program, will run a check for you and all of our staff and volunteers every 3 months to see if there are any incidents that would affect one’s ability to work with children.  The checks performed are designed to only bring up those incidents that directly pertain to working with minors, so St. Augustine Church will not see “everything you’ve ever done”.  The Church will not enter your Social Security number into; you will.  The Church will not be handling your Social Security number at all.  We are currently working with SELECTiON.COM to set-up an account so you will not be charged. 

Thank you!

We know this process can seem burdensome, but most of these tasks are one-time only.
St. Augustine Parish could not be a "Samaritan Church with a Missionary Heart" without your service, dedication, and generosity.

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