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Religious Education for Children

St. Augustine Church Religious Education Program celebrates parental involvement by assisting parents in their obligation of teaching their children/youth to become Disciples of Christ. By sharing and passing on our Catholic faith and love of God, we strive to create an environment, which fosters spiritual growth and provides the opportunity for students to acquire knowledge of Church teachings as well as experience a personal relationship with God.

The Parish School of Religion (PSR) offers religious education to the children of our parish – Kindergarten through Eighth Grade on Monday evenings throughout the school year.   PSR follows the guidelines as set forth by the Diocese of Cleveland through the guidance of our pastor, Fr. Bill O'Donnell, C.PP.S, and the help of volunteer catechists.  All of our catechists (teachers) are volunteers who are VIRTUS trained and willing to share their faith with the children of our parish. 

In recognizing parents as the primary religious educators of their children, therefore, sacramental preparation relies on the cooperation of family for preparing the children for First Reconciliation and First Communion. Parents also have the responsibility to see that their child attends classes regularly, Mass each Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in PSR or Preparation Classes for First Communion/First Reconciliation or Confirmation, or have any questions, please contact Jessica Neuhart at (216) 781-5530 ext. 23 or via email at

Beatitudes is a program dedicated to help children with learning challenges to prepare for the sacraments and to help them pray and praise God. 

The program tailors instruction to the individual using their strengths to help them express their love of God and help them come to a better understanding of their faith. 

Their families and caregivers are included in the program and they join in with their children in prayer and instruction. 

This program helps other PSR programs with resources and tools to instruct children with Developmental and Learning challenges and their parents.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Beatitudes Program, or have any questions, please contact Jessica Neuhart at (216) 781-5530 ext. 23 or via email at



Each summer, usually the third week of June,  children and volunteers gather at St. Augustine to celebrate the Bible's demonstration of God's love at Vacation Bible School (VBS).  To register for our 2023 Vacation Bible School please click here


Religious Education for Persons with Special Needs

Vacation Bible School

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