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Augustine Rainbow Camp

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2024 Camp Season
June 24, 2024-July 26, 2024
10 AM to 3 PM

To learn more about Augustine Rainbow Camp, please visit ARC

The goal of Augustine Rainbow Camp is to provide a positive day camp experience for the largely urban youth (both disabled and non-disabled)  who participate in the program. The program is also designed to provide job, leadership training, and experience for neighborhood teens and young adults.


Non-disabled persons have the opportunity to meet persons with disabilities, perhaps for the first time, and to discover and appreciate similarities and differences. The camp also provides a wonderful environment for youth adults who are disabled to become positive role models for younger persons within our community. 


The Augustine Rainbow Camp also stresses in its programs, Positive Self Image of the child. Activities are designed to enhance one's abilities and self-image, while working and playing with others in a group situation. 

The camp serves four distinct populations: youth from the Tremont area, youth from the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Blind, and Developmentally Disabled communities of Greater Cleveland. The progam is open to any child living in the Tremont area, and/or any deaf, hard-of-hearing, visually impaired, or developmentally disabled child between the ages of 5 to 13, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or economic condition. 

To learn more about Augustine Rainbow Camp, please visit ARC



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